12 Days of Christmas – Gift Guide 2018

During the holiday season, it can be hard to shop for furry friends without buying them the same treats, food or toys they always get or mindlessly grabbing the first thing you see at Target. So, we wanted to share a few pet brands we love in a 12 Days of Christmas – Gift Guide! These are all products and services that we use in our family.

  1. Fluff & Tuff Dog Toys: Kicking off the list is Fluff & Tuff dog toys. These toys aren’t just cute but made for playing. Lilly has collected four over the years including Cedric Tortoise (for her tortoise siblings), Ruby Rainbow Trout, her original Hendrix Fox and last but not least, Jessica Bunny. Not only have her Fluff & Tuffs stood the test of time but we love giving these cuddly creatures as gifts to dogs of any size! The toys come in sizes small to extra-large, have a variety of animals to choose from and of course, have a squeaker inside.
  2. Ash & Oak Canine Massage: Lilly has received canine massages from Alyson (a certified professional) for over two years now and we can not deny the pep in her step after a session. With Lilly’s old age, arthritis and extra ‘fluff’, Alyson helps to provide relief to her aging body BUT massage isn’t just for senior dogs. It can help working dogs, energetic pups or dogs who are running buddies. We can not thank Alyson enough for giving the gift of pain relief to Lilly. Plus she brings treats!
  3. Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Minnows: Lilly has always loved fish and now we can give it to her in small, bite-sized portions! She goes crazy for these small swimmers AND they double as cat treats for any feline friends you may have. Vital Essentials also has other freeze-dried animal products including chicken hearts (which Lilly also gives two dewclaws up!) providing healthy treats made from whole ingredients. We pick ours up at Treats Unleashed – St. Louis.
  4. Treats Unleashed:  Treats Unleashed, a natural pet store/bakery and STL favorite is the perfect place to get everything your pet needs. We get almost everything Lilly eats, chews or plays with at the store and not just because she used to work there. My husband and STL PET PICS’ biggest fan worked at the store for a few years, helping to educate pet parents. Need the perfect toy, treat, pet cake or food for the holidays? They have it at one of their 10 St. Louis locations!
  5. Fruitables Dog Treats & Supplements: We first found Fruitables when looking for more flavorful fish treats for Lilly and their Alaskan Salmon Jerky was the perfect match! These thick treats are a special snack for our girl and are used for high-value occasions. We also love their variety of healthy fruit and veggie smaller treats and their pumpkin supplement to help Lilly’s digestion. We pick ours up at Treats Unleashed – St. Louis!
  6. Milo & Me: Lilly gets dressed up for special occasions and holidays but these hand sewn, quality pieces deserve to be worn every day. Milo and his mama are local to St. Louis and work hard to create the cutest doggie accessories including bandanas, scarves, bowties and more. They are both so sweet and are so much to see at events. They also have a few cute accessories for STL dog moms!
  7. Austin & Kat CBD Products: As Lilly continues to age, we use various methods to help ease her arthritis pain and anxiety. To help with those ailments we have been using these CBD supplements for over a year! We first started using the CBD treats for long periods of time away or loud noises like fireworks. We now use the CBD oil in her food on a daily basis and supplement with treats when needed. While there are many brands out there we love Austin and Kat because it is mixed with salmon oil. We pick ours up at Petropolis Pet Center.
  8. Dog Advent Calendar: This gift is special to us here at STL PET PICS because we designed it! My husband and I manufactured these cute holiday accessories and now you can get your very own from Amazon. We love including Lilly in holiday festivities and this is a perfect way, plus Lilly LOVES getting an extra treat each day.
  9. Dog Chews: Over the years, Lilly has chewed on her fair share of different treats and with that knowledge, we have found a list of ‘top dogs’. We always like to have a variety of chews including different sizes, thickness, and flavors to keep her interested. Like the rest of her body, Lilly’s teeth are aging so while these chews might take her a while to munch on, each pet may be different. Currently, Lilly’s favorite choices are:
    • Etta Says (they have a LARGE variety of proteins and styles)
    • Sam’s Yams from Front Porch Pets
    • No Hide chews from Earth Animal (they have three flavors, beef, chicken and salmon)
    • Nature’s Own Pet Chews
    • Primal Pet Foods raw bones (not pictured)
  10. Enrichment Toys: We try to keep Lilly moving her body and using her mind with enrichment toys. Some of these ‘toys’ we fill with kibble or small treats for her to move around, like her PetSafe Brand balls (purple) or snuffle mat from PAW5! The other toys we fill and freeze with yummy ingredients, like her classic Kong Dog Toy (red), WEST PAW toy (green), or her slow feeders from Outward Hound. We have bought these toys at different places but they all can be found on Amazon!
  11. Raw Food & Dried Food: Lilly has been on medication for over five years and getting a stubborn old lady to take her pills can be tricky BUT we have a secret weapon, Stella & Chewy’s raw food. We put her pills in different flavors of the thawed raw food three times a day and she ALWAYS gobbles it up. We also use the meal toppers as a special treat! For her meals, Lilly eats Taste of the Wild Pet Food in both kiddle and wet food. We LOVE both of these foods and know she is getting the best quality ingredients when feeding them to her every day!
  12. Puppia Harness: Lilly goes on a walk every single day. To make sure she is comfortable and we have control, we started using a Puppia harness over five years ago! It’s easy to put on and easily adjustable (for haircuts). We love this harness so much we even used it to introduce our nephew pup Peanut to walking on a leash/wearing something on his body. We highly recommend using a harness for walking and we highly recommend this brand. We picked ours up Treats Unleashed – St. Louis over five years ago and they still carry the same style pictured.


Demon, 13-year-old Rottweiler | During the month of September 2018, STL PET PICS created a mini photography session opportunity to help raise money for the nonprofit, The American Service Dog Association. Our September mini sessions were a success and we were able to raise over $100 to help raise and place service dogs into homes. Demon and his family were part of that donation.

Our session with Demon and his mom, Katryn was at City Centre Park in St. Peters. As a senior, we took Demon’s session slowly, enjoying the snacks that we brought and taking breaks for petting as well as drinking from the water feature!

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Lulu, 2-year-old German Shepherd | During the month of September 2018, STL PET PICS created a mini photography session opportunity to help raise money for the nonprofit, The American Service Dog Association. Our September mini sessions were a success and we were able to raise over $100 to help raise and place service dogs into homes. Lulu and her family were part of that donation.

We met at the beautiful Des Peres park to photograph Lulu with her family, including Grace and her dad, Scott. Lulu posed perfectly for the camera and enjoyed the squeaky toys, giving us the perfect head-tilts.

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